Clean Air “Crank Challenge”

Q: How can we improve our community’s atmosphere?


This year ecocycling our local host “Crank Challenge” will be in the “transportation” category. Most of us can strap our bikes to our gasoline powered vehicles ride to a scenic destination or upcoming event, unhook our bikes and go for a joy ride of 10, 20, 50+ miles in any given day; but how challenging is that?

This year our local Cup “Crank Challenge” is all about Clean Air & Transportation while encouraging everyone to make a change in their lifestyles for the better, the vary way we move and get around during our day including our commuting habits. That’s why this year The Clean-air “Crank Challenge” trophy will be awarded to the overall rider with the most miles in transportation (don’t worry we can checkup on you with your peers at the office). Help to reduce your Co2 emissions & be friendly to our environment while getting healthier in the process!

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Need help with commuting visit the Bike League website for tips.